NAGAHORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of Quick Couplings, Impact Sockets and Screwdriver Bits. This is a page of environment policy.
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Environmental Policy

NAGAHORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has established original environmental management system, and then has aquired ISO14001.
As the company aiming at contribution to environmental preservation, we here show you our environmental policy.


Approval certificate date
Feb. 22, 2002
Approval certificate No.
Approval certificate organization


Nagahori Industry Co.,Ltd   Mizuhai Factory
Design and manufacture of impact sockets and quick couplings

Corporate philosophy

NAGAHORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. through developing, producing and marketing "Connection" products, with the originality, aim to coexist with the society.

Environmental policy

The ecology movement is getting more and more important as company's social responsibility. We, in accordance with ISO14001, continuously improve the action and fulfill to coexist with the society.

  1. NAGAHORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. comply with environmental laws and regulations, and other related requirements that we agree.
  2. NAGAHORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. established environmental management system with environmental objectives and targets. We continuously review it to prevent pollution.
  3. NAGAHORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. develop and produce environmental- friendly products which ontribute to customers' production efficiency.
    • Quick designing and production upon customers' requests, and shortening of delivery time
    • Reduction and disuse of environmental impact materials
    • Development of products enlarging customers's production efficiency
  4. NAGAHORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. in the production activity, by saving resources and energy and by reducing environmental impact material, fulfill environmental-friendly factory.
    • Efficiancy increase in machine's operation
    • Delivery control by bar code sytem
    • Reduction of wastes and promotion of recycle
  5. NAGAHORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. improve the administrative divison for customers' "green procurement".
    • Staff training by environmental education and common sense education.
    • Collection and control of environmental information for quick response to customers' requests.
    • Improvement of subcontractors' environmental-friendly production ststen (process of quenching and surface treatment)
  6. NAGAHORI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. make the environmental policy well known to every employees in order to protect environment through them. This environmental policy is opened to the bublic.

January 29th, 2005
Choko Yabuta, President


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