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User safety tips

Please read the following instructions regarding safety and make sure to use properly.
Misuse may cause the accidents of tools' breakage and serious injury.


Always wear safety glasses when using any tool.

Do not use sockets and bits if crack, wear or destruction is found. Immediately replace all damaged tools.

Securely fix sockets or attachments by ring and pin.

Ring and pin are consumptive parts. Immediately replace them which are deteriorated, worn or damaged.


Do not use any tool for incorrect purpose.

Do not modify sockets and bits. Re-heated or reground will lose original quality.

Use sockets or bits suitably fitted with bolts or nuts.

Fasteners should be inserted into socket or bit correctly before operating.

Be sure to disconnect power source when changing socket or bit.

Do not touch with fingers rotating socket or bit.

Do not perform idle blow of power tool with socket or bit.


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