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B-30 Screwdriver Bits (Double)

Screwdriver Bits (Double)

Screwdriver Bits (Double) Screwdriver Bits (Double)


Part No. Point Size L
3W1075 No.1 75
3W1100 No.1 100
3W2050 No.2 50
3W2065 No.2 65
3W2075 No.2 75
3W2100 No.2 100
3W2150 No.2 150
3W2200 No.2 200
3W2250 No.2 250
3W2300 No.2 300
3W3050 No.3 50
3W3065 No.3 65
3W3075 No.3 75
3W3100 No.3 100
3W3150 No.3 150
3W3200 No.3 200

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